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Cairo Montenotte

The House of Vai is only 5 minutes from Cairo Montenotte, the main town of the Val Bormida.
The origins of medieval cities are testified by the beautiful old town, and the ruins of the castle that dominates from the top of the hill. Built in medieval times by Scarampi, the castle was destroyed by the July 2, 1625 bombing of the Franco-Savoyard.
  The village, bordered on the south by Medieval Gates, the monument became a symbol of Cairo and north of Port Cassock, pedestrian, and is now home to shops and offices. On both sides of narrow streets branching off Via Roma and open squares. Walking through the old town from south to north along Via Roma, you arrive in the great Victory Square which overlooks the Town Hall.
On the opposite bank of the river, the town hosts a variety of sports city facilities (swimming pool, multi-disciplinary sports hall, football pitches, tennis courts ...) run by several clubs in the city.
On the east side of the center, between Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza XX Settembre, Prisoners of the Tower was once a watchtower and part of the walls that surrounded and protected the old town. The name derives from the fact that, from 1400 until the end of the seventies was used as a prison town. Completely renovated in the nineties, now houses the tourist information office.
On the heights of Ferrania a few miles from Cairo Montenotte Park lies dell'Adelasia. Legend has it that Adelasia, daughter of Otto I of Saxony, to fulfill your dream of love, thwarted by his father, Aleramo, decides to elope with her ​​lover, finding shelter in the natural cave where the park is named. From the start four hiking trails reserves of valuable forest flora and landscape, and is crossed by the Via dei Monti Ligurian makes a stop at the refuge of the House Miera.

25 km from Savona
75 km from Genoa
180 km from Milan

Beach lovers will be able to reach the coast and the beautiful beaches of the Riviera as Spotorno, Finale Ligure, Varigotti ... in no time.

Val Bormida
One of the best-known productions and greater artistic value of the Val Bormida glass is the Altar. For over 800 years this town has been synonymous with glass making, production of high quality that in previous centuries has made ​​the name of Altar-known throughout Europe. In recent years, was born in Altare Glass Museum housed in the elegant Villa Rosa and collects objects in various sections of all kinds. Among the most beautiful in the so-called "giant glass" vessels of enormous size and processed entirely hand-blown, truly unique.
The Bormida Valley is a land of both blacks and white truffles. The town of Millport is part of the National 'City of Truffles "and every year devoted to this product of the land a party last week of September. The event, called the National Day of the nose, is divided into two days, and in addition to side shows and parties, provides conferences organized on the theme. Also in the market prepared for the occasion under the arcades of Millesimo you can buy truffles and other local products